Privacy Policy

SAART Privacy Policy

Effective Date: January 17, 2017


RS & COMPANY, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “RS & COMPANY” or “we/our/us”) abide by the personal information protection regulations of related law that the information and communication service providers must comply with. We are committed to protecting your rights and interests by establishing privacy policy.


RS & COMPANY will inform you through privacy policy of the purpose and the manner in which the personal information provided by you is being used and what measures are being taken to protect the personal information. We disclose this privacy policy at the first screen of the homepage ( so that you can easily view it at any time.


Our services are governed by this privacy policy and by using or accessing a service you give consent to the processing, use and disclosure of your data. Please do not install or use the services if you do not agree to this privacy policy. We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy. Your continued use of services will signify your acceptance of the changes to this privacy policy.


Information Collection and Use

We collect personal information in two ways. First, we collect information you provide to us in optional, voluntary submissions, such as in registration forms, requests for customer service. Second, some personal information may be collected automatically.


We may also obtain information, including personal information, from third party sources. If we directly combine information from third parties with personal information that we have collected, we will treat the combined information as personal information and handle it in accordance with this policy. In addition, please note that we may solicit third parties to collect personal information on our behalf and in such cases we instruct those third parties to comply with this policy and all applicable data protection laws.


When you use SAART service for membership subscription (or service subscription), smooth customer consultation and various services, we may ask you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information that can be used to contact or identify you. Personally identifiable information may include, but is not limited to name, email address, password, country and city, date of birth.


Data Retention and Correctness

We retain the collected data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this privacy policy unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. Thereafter we delete all aforementioned data in its possession within a reasonable timeframe. We do not verify the correctness of personal data.

Please note that some data may be further retained if necessary to resolve disputes, comply with technical and legal requirements, and constraints related to the security, integrity and operation of services.



This Privacy Policy is effective with respect to any data that we have collected, or collect, about and/or from you, according to our Terms and conditions.



We use ‘cookies’ to frequently store and retrieve information from you in order to provide personalized and customized services. Cookies are small text files that are sent to your browser by the server used to run the website. These cookies are stored on your computer hard disks. When you visit a website later, the website server is used to read the contents of the cookies stored on your hard disks to maintain your preferences and provide customized services.


Cookies do not automatically or actively collect information that identifies you. You can deny or delete storage of these cookies at any time. We use cookies to identify the types of visits and usage of SAART's PC or mobile website visited by you, popular searches, etc. Based on that, we provide you with improved service and customized information including advertisements.


You have the option of installing cookies. Therefore, you can allow all cookies, check each time cookies are saved, or refuse to save all cookies by setting all options in the web browser. However, if you refuse to store cookies, you may have difficulty in using some of the services, such as those that require login.


Information Sharing and Disclosure

We can provide information, after being processed so that specific individuals are not recognized, when needed for drawing statistics, academic research, or market research, if you have agreed in advance, or upon the request of investigative agencies for the purpose of investigation or on the ground of laws and regulations. We may use third parties to collect and process personal data on RS & COMPANY’s behalf and in according to our instructions. We are not liable for the acts and omissions of these third parties, except as provided by mandatory law.



Changing or Deleting Your Information

You may ask for inquiring your personal information to be registered, for correcting or deleting, and for amending or canceling the processing of your personal information. If you do not agree to our personal information processing, you may reject to agree or request for termination of subscription (membership withdrawal). However, in such cases, it may be difficult to use some or all of the services.


If you request correction of an error in personal information, we do not use or provide the personal information until correction is completed. Also, if wrong personal information is already provided to a third party, we notify the third party without delay and correct the result.



We will give an individual, either you or a subscriber, access to any personal information we hold about them within 30 days of any request for that information. Individuals may request to access, correct, amend or delete information we hold about them by contacting us. Unless it is prohibited by law, we will remove any personal information about an individual, either you or a subscriber, from our servers at your or their request. There is no charge for an individual to access or update their personal information.



We encrypt, store and manage personal information securely according to relevant provision or internal policies. We do our best to prevent leakage or damage your personal information by hacking or computer virus. We back up data in case of damage to personal information. We use the latest security patches and firewalls to prevent personal information or data from being leaked or damaged.


We securely transmit personal information on the network through encrypted communication. We use intrusion prevention system to control unauthorized access from outside, and try to have all possible technical devices to ensure system security.


Our personal information processing staff is limited to the person in charge. And separate password is assigned to him/her to update it regularly. We constantly emphasize the compliance with our privacy policy through on-the-job training for the person in charge.


We also make efforts to correct it immediately if a problem is found by checking the compliance of our privacy policy and compliance with the person in charge through the in-house organization dedicated to protection of personal information. However, we will not take any responsibility for any problems caused by leakage of personal information such as ID or password etc due to your negligence or problems on the internet.


Obligation of Notice

We may change this privacy policy at any time and from time to time. The most recent version of the privacy policy is reflected by the version date located at the bottom of this privacy policy. All updates and amendments are effective immediately upon notice, which we may give by any means, including, but not limited to, by posting a revised version of this privacy policy or other notice on the website. We encourage you to review this privacy policy often to stay informed of changes that may affect you, as your continued use of the website signifies your continuing consent to be bound by this privacy policy. Our electronically or otherwise properly stored copies of this privacy policy are each deemed to be the true, complete, valid, authentic, and enforceable copy of the version of this privacy policy which were in effect on each respective date you visited the website.


Policy Toward Children

We obtain the consent of legal representatives when we collect personal information from children under the age of 14, or provide information to third parties that have already been collected, or use the information beyond the agreed range. Therefore, children under the age of 14 can register their information only if they have obtained the consent from their legal representatives.


International Users and Self-Regulatory Frameworks

If you utilize our sites and/or services from any other regions with laws governing data collection and use that may differ from the law of Republic of Korea, please note that you may be transferring your personal data outside of those jurisdictions to Republic of Korea. Republic of Korea does not have the same data protection law as the other regions. By providing personal information under this policy, you consent to the use of your personal information in accordance with this policy and the transfer of your personal Information to Republic of Korea.


Links to Third-Party Websites

Our websites include links to other websites, whose privacy practices may be different from us. If you submit personal information to any of those sites, your information is governed by their privacy policies. We encourage you to carefully read the privacy policy of any website you visit. Please note once again that this privacy policy does not apply to such linked third-party websites and services.


Questions & Concerns

You may report all personal information related complaints arising from your use of our services to the person in charge of personal information management or to the department. We will respond promptly and adequately to your complaints.


Person in Charge

Name: Kang, Jae-Yeon

Organization: RS & COMPANY, Inc.