They Spin Like Nonsense

320 x 21 cm


steel aluminum motor billiard balls

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Artwork Description

<They Spin Like Nonsense> is made of 49 black billiard ball. (These balls are the size of 4-ball billiard, but black colored 4-balls usually do not exist.) Ball rotates on top of the 49 pieces of roller in different directions and it barely contacts each other without any device. Like 'the most intense and the most fragile relationship', they contact their body to fulfill an apparent straight line but its essential connection is always at stake. Like the title from the depiction of men and women dancing, each ball is performing senseless rotation which is similar to the pattern of relationship that we make. 49 is a remainder obtained by subtracting one from 50. Less than half is what is left after the lost love, and 49 balls is a symbol of it. If we love by heart, with a whole heart, lost love would not even come close to be 'a heart'. 

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