Slow-Slow, Quick-Quick




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Artwork Description

Collaboration Exhibition

Park Kijin | Jung Sungyoon | Kiwon Hong


SeMA Nanji Exhibition Hall

Discussion about this exhibition started from a question as to whether an interface, which contains several systems, can be actualized in a space formed by two concrete circles whose significance and function are changed through a specific purpose, despite being artificially constructed.

Extreme scenery imagined by three artists, incidents involving and memories of each artist, and their unique symbols overlap as one, and through a process of exclusion, the artists have attempted to search for temporality and fluidity.

An exhibition form, which displays and mixes individual artworks of the three artists, is excluded in principle, but it attempts to derive one seemingly-impossible scene from the process of observing how the interface of the device called 'life' works. It adds interpretations of the three artists, which seem contradictory to each other, such as the provision and evaluation of value, praise and rejection, fear and indulgence. It is an attempt at drawing the world of slow motion tinted by humiliation and shame, as well as an attempt at depicting paradoxical scenery which can be referred to a “speed battle” and which only face each other in a hollow, boundless space, seemingly never forming any relations.

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