Forests Charmed by Water(물에 홀린 숲)

260.6 x 162.2 cm





Artwork Description

The <Forests Charmed by Water> series depicts trees growing in the water, and the forests created by them. The water wraps like clouds around the bottom of trees and creates borderlines; the tree roots sink deeply into the opaque water, showing off their smooth and fine torsos, while restlessly spraying their green leaves into the sky. Although the subtitle for this series is "Inner Shine", but artist Kim Miran actually wants the water that gives the tree life, the fascinating and mysterious symbols of dream in the forest to become the source for vitality. In this dream with glistening waves that's both a story and an image; the "Light with Darkness" is not hidden, shrunken, or backed away, but instead unreservedly expressed as the primal tension of life itself.

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